Enochian Planes

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The concept of a plane as used in Enochian physics is not the same as it is defined in geometry (it is not a two-dimensional surface). H. P. Blavatsky defined the occult view of a plane as:

"It denotes the range or extent of some state of consciousness, or of the perceptive power of a particular set of senses, or the action of a particular force, or the state of matter corresponding to the above."

Throughout our books, all references to 'plane' or 'subplane' refer to one or more of the following definitions:

1) GENERAL DEFINITION: Any mutually agreed upon and verifiable state or stage of consciousness.

2) MONAD MODEL DEFINITION: Any region of overlapping Not-I's as defined in the Monad Model.

3) COORDINATE SYSTEM DEFINITION: An extension of any observed space-time coordinate system.

4) CONTINUUM DEFINITION: Any 5-dimensional continuum of space-time-consciousness.

The chief qualification for a plane or subplane is its verification by others. Dreams, for example, are valid experiences whose contents and type can be shared in large degree by others (all humans beings dream). Dreams are therefore said to occur on a specific plane (the astral plane). It is academic that every physical location on our earth can be said to be a subplane located on the physical plane.

Our physical universe is only one of a host of planes that comprise manifested existence. Each plane consists of a graduated series or hierarchies of subplanes. All of the cosmic planes of manifestation and their subplanes are quantized - they exist as discreet stages of consciousness that are more or less shared and verified by others. The fact that planes and subplanes are quantized has implications that correspond to modern quantum mechanics.


The cosmic elements are the substances that comprise the Cosmic Planes of Manifestation. Our planet earth and the entire physical universe around it comprise the lowest cosmic plane, the plane of Earth. However, the earth plane does not contain the cosmic element Earth. In Enochian physics, the five cosmic elements are beyond the sight of mortal eyes. The element Earth is the element native to the etheric plane which is immediately above the visible world. The word 'above' should not be taken too literally. The matter that composes the etheric plane is less dense than that which composes the physical world. For this reason it is invisible to our physical eyes.

Above the etheric plane is the astral plane, the formative plane of Qabbalism. The substance composing the astral plane is less dense (more rarified) than the Earth of the etheric plane. It is the element Water. The astral plane is the world of emotions. The electromagnetic force of modern physics appears solid and tangible there. The astral plane contains the heavens of the world's religions.

Above the astral plane is the lower mental plane, the creative plane of Qabbalism. Its substance, the element Air, is less dense than the planes below it. The mental plane is the world of thoughts and psychic forces. The mental cosmic plane is divided into a lower mental plane and an upper mental plane. The upper mental plane is sometimes called the causal plane, the archetypal plane of Qabbalism. Thoughts are living beings on the mental plane. The upper mental plane is the region of the element Fire. When considering the four primary elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the fourth, Fire, is usually associated with the spiritual plane above the Great Outer Abyss. However, Enochian physics usually includes Spirit as a fifth element and Fire is then associated with the causal or upper mental cosmic plane.

Above the mental plane is the spiritual plane. The substance of the spiritual plane is the element Spirit. Dividing the spiritual plane from the planes of the fourth Watchtower is the Great Outer Abyss. The spiritual plane is the world of spiritual beings and spiritual forces. Within this region is the spiritual counterpart of each person known poetically as the Holy Guardian Angel. Ideas are seen as solid tangible entities in this region.

Above the spiritual plane is the divine plane about which little can be said. The cosmic element of the divine plane is nameless. This region is composed of even more rarified substances. It is literally beyond words to describe.

The divine forces of creativity that exist on the divine plane express themselves downward into time, space and form to create and maintain the spiritual plane. The spiritual forces that exist on the spiritual plane express themselves deeper into time, space and form to create and maintain the mental plane. The psychic forces that exist on the mental plane express themselves deeper into time, space and form to create and maintain the astral plane. The electromagnetic forces of the astral plane express themselves deeper into time space and form to create and maintain the etheric and physical planes. This downward expression is true for all things. Everything that exists in the physical world has an astral, a mental, a spiritual and a divine counterpart. It cannot physically exist otherwise. This idea is fundamental to the teachings of Enochian physics and it gives rise to many of its principle axioms.

The downward wave of creative expression into physical manifestation is balanced by a corresponding return to divinity for all things. The downward wave toward physicality is poetically called the Divine Exhalation. The return from physical expression toward spirituality is called the Divine Inhalation. Together they comprise the Great Breath. According to H.P.Blavatsky,

"The appearance and disappearance of the Universe are pictured as an outbreathing and inbreathing of "the Great Breath," which is eternal, and which, being Motion, is one of the three aspects of the Absolute - Abstract Space and Duration being the other two."