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This is my site for sharing my projects
and other interesting things I work on.
Project Screenshots

tmux with weechat and telnet.

old android phone that I rooted.

my current PC

ASUS Pro Gen3 with Intel Core i7, Corsair Hydro Series H100iGTX Cooler, GeForce GTX 780 graphics, and 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM (goes up to 32 gigs) so I plan to add more in the future.
This is simply an old android phone (Samsung Infuse) no longer in service that I rooted and created a custom theme for. I use it as a portable media device and have a terminal app installed so I can log into my linux server for monitoring.
tmux (terminal multiplexer) running weechat IRC client and GNU telnet into telehack.com

my DOS computer

An old MidWest Micro PC I found and repaired.

Intel i486 SX, 80MB RAM, Sound Blaster 16, S3 ViRGE-DX video card, with a DIN connected keyboard and a Microsoft serial mouse.